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Digital Commerce

How it all started

Digital Commerce by Synesthesia is a professional, pragmatic and integrated answer to modern companies’ multichannel requirements for their online sales strategies.

The combination of Marketplaces, e-Commerce and Social Commerce creates an invaluable advantage for operating nimbly in a competitive environment and increasing sales. These three different online sales methods are essential for reaching all target audiences with flexible mechanisms and gaining valuable analytical information on the type, location and habits of customers and prospects.

Adopted solution

Digital Commerce solutions include the implementation of e-Commerce, Marketplaces and Social Commerce projects according to the demands and needs of our clients. 


e-Commerce has numerous advantages for vendors. 

They enable:

  • the optimisation of warehouse resources
  • the expansion of potential customer bases
  • the opening of new markets
  • the availability of analysis and reporting tools 
  • the management of communities, advertising and promotions
  • the management of reviews
  • the use of integrated payment systems

From the public’s perspective, e-Commerce enables consumers to access different payment methods, view products with specific information (such as detailed technical specifications) and view entire catalogues in just a few clicks.

There are various types of platforms (Shopify, Magento, etc.) which we can create from scratch or we can build on any client’s existing ‘in house’ platforms. 

Digital Commerce
Digital Commerce
Digital Commerce


Marketplaces are global digital platforms that connect those who want to sell with those who want to buy, and today they are an almost indispensable sales method for companies. To name but a few of the best known marketplaces: Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba Group,

Among the many advantages associated with this solution lie the strength and credibility of the marketplace, the possibility of opening up to new markets and the consequent attainment of new customers/niches, all combined with a considerable simplification of the entire sales process.

Social Commerce

In a world where social media is the main venue for digital interaction, Social Commerce has become an essential channel of engagement. The objective is to give users a more interactive experience and make the purchasing process easier and more immediate.

Social Commerce drives users to purchase in an environment that is ‘familiar’ to them. This is why it is essential to devise the right social strategy in terms of both brand recognition and loyalty.

Social Commerce also has the added advantage of leveraging word of mouth, suggestions and shares from active consumers on platforms and communities.

We use the most well-known B2B and B2C platforms used by your target audience (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).

Digital Commerce

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