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We believe in future

by investing in ideas.

We believe that investing in research means investing in the future, and creating ideas, new paths and new skills through people.

Over time we have created strong relationships with universities in Piedmont and other research centres in Italy and abroad to consolidate and validate our projects.

We are convinced that this is the right way to provide our partners and customers with up-to-date application scenarios.

In our research and development work, the training of adults and youths also plays a fundamental role, which is why there is also a strong connection with our Academy and events projects.

Our team is involved in MPAI‘s international work and research group founded and coordinated by Leonardo Chiariglione.

We support the development of new enterprises through programmes that include professional services and funding opportunities.

Start-up Accelerator and Incubator

A service for new businesses

Synesthesia supports the growth of start-ups through specific nurturing and development programmes that include the sharing of processes, ideas and services already available for sharing, and advantageous opportunities to compete within a highly stimulating environment. Specifically, we provide mentorship, training, sharing of workspaces and assistance in finding the necessary technical and logistical resources.

Here are some companies and start-ups supported in various ways (equity, service, nurturing etc.) by Synesthesia: Onyon | Barter | Wibo | miacar (complete exit in 2021) | WeTaxi | CityAround | Bitmonds | Regusto | LastMinuteSottoCasa | Ponyzero (now FoodPony)
Midori Energy | Morerecognition

R&D as a service

Driving growth and digital transformation

The objective is to foster the advancement of knowledge applied to specific and transformative contexts, as well as the development of new technologies, processes and formats dedicated to the market.

We can work alongside companies (especially SMEs) by offering our expertise and establishing new academic relationships in order to comprehensively implement ICT and STEM research projects.

Together with the client, we can create an ad hoc project, supporting it at every stage, right up to the release of the findings and any prototypes.

Open innovation is a strategic and cultural approach whereby companies, in order to add value and compete more effectively in the marketplace, choose to rely not only on in-house ideas and resources, but also on ideas, solutions, tools and technological expertise from outside.



Generating innovation from collaboration

Our growth is based on this type of approach and on synergistic collaborations with other businesses. In particular, open innovation involves start-ups, universities, research institutes, as well as inventors and consultants. It is characterised by a new organisational culture and a review of business processes and job profiles. Synesthesia has always adopted this type of approach in its pursuit of innovation. We propose it to our partners in order to promote mutual, dynamic, ‘open’ and balanced growth, also in terms of investment in resources and knowledge.

Extraordinary clients and partners

have enabled us to create projects of which we are very proud.

Discover what we have achieved. Find out more in our portfolio section (some cards are in the Italian language version).

Grigua Hunter App

Hunter App Grigua

Retail Marketing

CHildren Digi-CORE

Children Digi-CORE

Mobile App Development



Mobile App Development

Museo del Cinema Torino

The National Museum of Cinema

Mobile App Development

AI for Retail

New smart retail processes

Artificial Intelligence is reinventing the retail process globally.

Applying AI to retail and large-scale distribution allows us to process new data models, build prescriptive or predictive decision engines and forecast demand.

Synesthesia and Grigua have created a business unit dedicated to retail, providing effective and technologically advanced support to sales networks. The process involves the use of:


We simplify the development of digital products quickly and effectively by integrating this service into a project.

Rapid Prototyping

Methodology and Services

From conception to validation, adopting this methodology allows us to achieve significant time-to-market advantages and therefore have very rapid feedback on the project in order to validate its distinctive characteristics and performance.

We are part of:

An international, unaffiliated, non-profit organisation that develops standards for data coding based on Artificial Intelligence.

An organisation which provides its global community of individuals and organisations with a mature, scalable business environment fostering collaboration and open source software innovation.

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