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e-commerce project with our strategic approach to Go-to-Market.
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Strategy, creation and management of your e-commerce, using a data-driven approach.

We are the ideal partner for Brands that want to achieve big things in the e-commerce sector. If you are looking for successful solutions in this area, you can count on our consulting and management services.

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we offer winning solutions that can help you achieve your business objectives in the world of online sales.

We create business opportunities for all our clients

by providing customized services and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We help Brands succeed in the world of e-commerce, with its constantly evolving scenarios.



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We support the growth of your Brand and team by taking a continuous improvement approach.


Our services

We thoroughly analyze your e-commerce project to create short and long-term strategies aimed at achieving predetermined sales goals.

We support you throughout the monitoring phase of your e-commerce project, providing strategic and operational advice: from target identification to competitor analysis, from business model definition to detailed analysis of existing data by identifying data-driven solutions.

Store Management

Our services

We help Brands with our qualified Store Managers: strategic and operational figures capable of providing comprehensive support for the successful and integrated management of the e-commerce channel.

We are committed to achieving the highest quality results in the e-commerce world and approach each project with dedication, passion and attention to the end result.

Our Store Managers carry out a variety of tasks: managing the catalog, improving SEO, planning promotional campaigns, editing the CMS, creating detailed reports. They also train your internal resources with “training on the job”, expanding the technical and marketing skills of your team in order to achieve better management of your e-commerce.

Thanks to our “temporary manager” service, we are able to take over the complete management of your online store.

We analyze and add value to your e-commerce using the ideal technology stack for your needs. We are free from any constraints; the technology is chosen to hit the target.

IT Solutions, Platforms and Technology Stacks

Our Services

We analyze the project requirements and technology stack in detail, providing rapid or complex solutions and developments depending on the Brand’s needs and requirements.

With our expertise in re-platforming, we help Brands migrate to a new e-commerce platform, improving performance to meet Google’s requirements while providing customers with a superior shopping experience through fast, optimized pages. We assess the state of your e-commerce to understand its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, improving purchase flows by bringing the user experience to life in order to ensure high conversion rates.

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Our client relationships are strong and lasting, and tell success stories.

We are committed to achieving the highest quality results in the e-commerce world and approach each project with dedication, passion and attention to the end result. We work closely with our clients in order to understand their needs and implement effective solutions that enable them to overcome difficult market challenges.

We bring new business opportunities to life for all our clients by offering customized services and custom-designed packages.

There are no limits to your e-commerce success. Discover a world where boundaries disappear, markets expand and opportunities for success multiply.
Become the leading player in digital transformation.

Synesthesia can radically transform your approach to digital commerce. Forget complications and embrace simplicity: with Synesthesia, integrated management and personalization of sales channels become a reality. Make the most of growth opportunities and achieve success in the world of e-commerce.
Synesthesia: the key to unlocking your limitless potential.

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