Benefit Company and Third Sector

We have been a Benefit Company since 2022.

Our values and identity are at the service of society and environment.

Società benefit


Synesthesia, thanks to the collaboration with the studio CBA
concluded in January 2022 the legal and corporate process to evolve into Benefit Company, to be part of that group of Italian companies that have as their goal, in addition to profit, also to generate a positive impact on society and the biosphere.

But what does it mean in practice to be a company that evolves, that integrates in its corporate and social structure the aim of having a positive impact on society? So what does it mean to be a Benefit Company?

Being a Benefit Company entails a full and mature awareness of the need to go beyond the traditional paradigm by adopting a mindset that looks at the company as an asset available to shareholders, employees and therefore the company in the broader sense. 

This kind of evolution requires responsibility.
A responsibility to which Synesthesia has decided to face by undertaking with conviction the path that today leads it to be one of the 1000 Italian Benefit Companies.

“Business activities are permitted and encouraged by law because they are a service to society and not just a source of profit for its owners”

Edwin Merrick Dodd (1932)

Riccardo Recalchi (CEO), Francesco Ronchi (President & Founder)

This kind of evolution requires responsibility. Responsibility to which Synesthesia, has decided to respond by undertaking with conviction the path that today leads it to be one of the 1000 Italian Benefit Companies.  A piece that adds and formalizes everything that the company has been doing for some time in the field of social and economic benefits that Synesthesia has generated and developed on several fronts. 
Thinking about TuttiConnessi, the project aimed at providing students with digital technological tools to ensure participation in distance learning and the SpesaSospesa project, for the purchase, sale and donation of basic foodstuffs.
We are very interested in the issues and initiatives related to Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) aimed at the use of data and technology in a socially, economically and ecologically responsible way. 

There are many projects that have allowed and that allow Synesthesia to give a human value to the meaning of human being and doing business.

Our non-profit and Third Sector projects

SYX no-profit organization

Associazione No-Profit

Girls Tech - No gender GAP in STEM

Girls Tech

Welcome fo Working Refugee UNHCR 2019


Spesa Sospesa

Spesa Sospesa
2020 – today



Our SDGs

Goal 4 - Quality Education
Goal 5 - Gender Equality
Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities

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