Unleash the full potential of artificial intelligence.
Take your business to the next level and surpass your expectations with unprecedented results.

Become a leader in the future of innovation.

Strategy, creation, and management of AI-based digital solutions customized for your business.

We are committed to developing innovative and successful solutions using cutting-edge technologies, with dedication, passion, and a constant focus on achieving the desired results.
By analyzing our clients’ needs, we implement effective solutions that can overcome any challenge.

Unleash unimaginable ideas and opportunities.

We offer customized services and AI solutions tailored to the specific needs of your project.

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Growing a business is an ongoing process that requires commitment and dedication from everyone in the organization. With our support, including training, you can grow faster and achieve your goals more effectively.

Strategy and Training for Business Growth

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Our courses are available online and in-person and can be customized to meet the specific needs of organizations.

AI Team AI

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Our AI division develops digital solutions using cutting-edge skills, services, and technologies such as generative artificial intelligence, startup acceleration, open innovation, R&D as a service, and Industry 4.0/Industry 5.0.

The Synesthesia AI team works tirelessly to create advanced algorithms and models that enable us to address complex challenges in a variety of industries. Using machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision approaches, Synesthesia AI is committed to providing high-quality solutions to complex problems.
Our passion drives us to constantly explore new frontiers in the field of artificial intelligence. With an ideal combination of technical expertise and creativity, we strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering customized and innovative solutions.

Discover our latest projects in the AI ​​world

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving technology that is having a significant impact on all sectors of the economy. Companies that adopt AI have the opportunity to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and improve the customer experience.

AI solutions, machine learning, and much more to come

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At Synesthesia AI, we provide our clients and partners with a wide range of AI services, including:

  • Natural language processing (NLP). Models for text analysis, information retrieval, and natural language generation.
  • Large language model (LLM). Processing of textual content, comprehension, processing and generation of texts. Conversational interfaces (GPT).
  • Computer vision. Systems for object recognition, image analysis, and video processing.
  • Generation of multimedia content. Creation of images, videos and other content through AI models (Stable Diffusion).
  • Machine learning. Customized models for tasks such as classification, regression, clustering, and prediction.
  • Data analysis. Solutions for data analysis and information extraction from large datasets.
  • Machine learning. Systems that enable machines to improve performance over time by adapting to accumulated data and experience.
  • Process automation. Artificial intelligence algorithms to improve efficiency and reduce human error.
  • Decision support. AI tools and models for data-driven decision support.
  • Research and development. Collaboration with customers and partners to conduct joint research and development in the field of AI.
  • Consulting and training. Services to help clients understand key concepts and increase internal expertise.

At Synesthesia AI, we offer highly customized services to meet your specific needs.

With Synesthesia, the possibilities are endless. 
Discover the power of artificial intelligence, its applications, and how it can be applied to your business. Become a key player in digital transformation.

Synesthesia is the perfect partner to help you with your digital transformation, revolutionizing your approach to business and services. Our AI and Factory team can help you achieve your goals and bring your ideas to life with customized solutions.
Synesthesia AI is at your service to unlock the doors to your future.

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