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We like designing

together with you.

All our projects have a very simple and straightforward development, even when they are complex and packed with features.

This strategy allows us to shape the project together with our clients and partners, striving for the best solution.

Many of our projects require a lot of research and often a great deal of imagination and ingenuity. The initial analysis phase is used to create scenarios where the concept, idea and technological solution suited to the needs of the project can be developed.

Customer eXperience (CX) is the experience that customers and users have throughout their relationship with a brand or organisation: not only shopping, but a relationship that includes, for example, customer care and public relations.

eXperience (CX)

Creating emotions and experiences

Synesthesia is able to optimise your investments in meeting customer needs by designing enhanced customer experiences in connection with the correct Customer Journey (CJ) – from the moment a product or service is researched to its purchase and thus loyalty.

User Experience
Design (UX)

Designing functionality and usability

User Experience Design (UX) is a fundamental process for creating and improving mobile apps, websites and e-commerce.

Digital platforms should be characterised by simplicity, practicality and usability, and the interface should be adapted to the expectations and needs of users (including those with disabilities). At Synesthesia, we have a division dedicated to the analysis of User Experience, with designers ready to design any type of service or product, with a penchant for the most innovative and challenging ones.

Extraordinary clients and partners

have enabled us to create projects of which we are very proud.

Discover what we have achieved. Find out more in our portfolio section (some cards are in the Italian language version).

Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana

website | digital marketing

Pandemia web game

Scrivi la tua

web game

La Patria

La Patria

website | digital marketing

N-SO live

N-SO live

website | sviluppo app mobile

To design together and create the conditions to enrich a project with the experiences and skills of the different parties involved. This approach is commonly called Co-Design or Participatory Design.


Designing Together

Synesthesia supports companies during the prototyping phase of a digital project through an innovative and ‘open’ approach involving one or more stakeholders. During this phase all participants, with differing skills and operational levels, liaise with each other and actively contribute to the project’s realisation, defining which criteria will have the greatest impact on its future development. Co-Design is the most popular form of design at Synesthesia.

Product & service

Designing Evolution

With the rise of digitalisation and new technologies, we have seen the growth of new services designed to improve the interaction between brand and user.

Together with our Innovation Team we design the best application scenarios necessary for the success of any new project or the re-design of something pre-existing.

The power of moving together to best define application scenarios and give life to new business and/or communication ideas.

Strategic partnership

Walking the road together

We strongly believe in the combination of different souls, even rather distinct from each other, but united by the desire to achieve business objectives together, even in new markets.
Sharing is the best way to grow and generate value.
We are open to new collaborations, even in an international context and in areas where we are not yet present.

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