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Marketing is the engine of every project related to our world, be it events, training, design, development or innovation.

Over the years, we have learned to work with the most advanced tools in marketing and, starting naturally with digital, we have broadened our scope by acquiring more and more skills in the world of marketing.

From brand awareness to lead generation, from social media management to SEO and SEM.
Digital helps us measure performance: together we define KPIs and promote your brand’s value proposition. The search for the best solution always entails thorough work on the marketing side.

Marketing focuses on defining objectives and market areas in order to promote goods and services.

Brand communication

Communicating Identity and Values

Through brand communication we use the best combination of activities to influence customers’ and users’ opinions about a company or organisation, and their products and services. Not only creativity, but also the study and analysis of market presence, through distinctive and recognisable elements and a strong focus on online reputation.
Our press office and public relations management services fall into this area. Our teams of experts develop strategies to promote brand awareness and oversee all communication activities to encourage company growth, from start-ups to full-scale organisations.
From press office management, to dedicated communication plans on the company’s social channels, to the organisation of events and participation in national and international trade fairs.

(Digital) marketing & advertising

Inbound and Outbound Communication Projects

Proven strategies and practices, consisting of both defined methodologies and a high level of experience in the field, help companies achieve their target results and KPIs.

These solutions are based on strategy, creativity and the ability to create innovative and original campaigns that enhance brand awareness and lead generation. Some users are looking for a product. Others are not yet aware that they have a specific need. Synesthesia, with its experts in digital and traditional advertising, knows how to choose the most suitable channel, build the right message and constantly optimise results by being data-driven.

Extraordinary clients and partners

have enabled us to create projects of which we are very proud.

Discover what we have achieved. Find out more in our portfolio section (some cards are in the Italian language version)


Ceramica Fondovalle

social media | Press Office

Immaginazione Lavoro

Immaginazione Lavoro

social media | SEO | Google Ads

Case Study - Yale


Press Office | media relation



Press Office | social media

We live in an omnichannel world: we are immersed in incessant communication across different stimuli and media, all day long.

Digital transformation projects

A must for all companies

Synesthesia and its digital transformation experts help companies face the challenges of this world in an agile, pragmatic and practical way.
We design complete multi-channel systems (B2C, B2E, B2B) with devices that communicate with the environment and applications designed according to specific needs, from business to culture, to services and games.
An in-depth analysis of the underlying issue helps us to clarify the components of the problem itself. This is done by consulting users and stakeholders who interact with the company, and the information gathered during this discovery phase allows us to further define the challenge from a different perspective. Changing perspective helps to focus on the right strategy.

Social media marketing & advertising

Growing in a managed and appropriate way

To communicate effectively on social media, you need to know your target audience and effectively identify their interests and needs. Together we create scalable and highly measurable creative campaigns across the different communities and channels you use most (both B2B and B2C).

We will work with you to protect and enhance your online reputation, both on the corporate side and product or service side.
Whether your goal is to find new customers, promote your brand or collect registrations for an event, social media ads are the best and most effective tool, along with display advertising and/or search engine advertising strategies. Together we will always monitor your expenditure, working on also limited budgets, with the certainty of being able to manage campaigns almost in real time. As a result, customer growth.

The digital world is a constantly and rapidly changing universe. Keeping up with the times is crucial for any company, and a proper presence on search engines is an essential first step.

SEO activities

Increasing search engine performance

We will discover and apply together the best Search Engine Optimisation methodologies to:

We are also able to propose an approach that operates through Artificial Intelligence processes (AI for SEO).

Growth hacking

Growing in a measured and appropriate way

Growth hacking strategies are best suited for start-ups, but can also be very effective for other types of businesses.

Growth hacking is a relatively new term for the European landscape, but it is already very popular overseas. Growth hacking refers to a set of web marketing strategies ‘to grow a business’ and consequently acquire more customers.

Customer experience (and the customer journey) still has a fundamental role in retail. As it evolves into ‘phigital’, the emerging needs are related to the planning and execution of inventory and physical (but also virtual) spaces. Retail has a complex and constantly changing back office.

Innovation for retail

Tools for inventory management.

We offer an agile and technologically advanced information structure that allows you to effectively and consciously manage your points of sale. Through the use of our software, in fact, you can practically manage your business in real time: all the parties involved in the process are able to easily monitor the planning and execution phases of your retail business. Our services are aimed at all those companies that want to integrate and use technological innovations in the retail sector to stand out in an increasingly connected and optimised competitive scenario.

We also work in:

  • Data analysis
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content strategy

Here are some platforms and companies that enable us to produce services and products that make a difference:

Privacy & GDPR
 Business Intelligence & Data analysis

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