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At Synesthesia, we strongly believe in cooperation and shared values.
We are building an ever-growing ecosystem of companies with the best expertise, vertical and complementary products and services that extend our portfolio.
We have named our partnership system the “Synesthesia Ecosystem”.

Many of our listed partners are a part of our service portfolio and are highly complementary both for the design and development as well as for the concrete participation in defining our market services and products. Agreements with partners are strictly legislated and regulated, and their possible involvement is transparent to the final client.

Our partners in…

Accessibility , Privacy & GDPR Compliance, General B2B services
Smart Flow
Marketing, Social Tools
User Experience Design (UX/UI), Creativity
fancy factory
Business Process Management
Digital Sales
Artificial Intelligence
(AI), Data & Behaviour Analysis, Data Visualization
E-learning & LMS
QA, Crowd Testing, Research & Insights on CX
Sustainable Communication and CSR
Events Management Apps
(B2B & B2C)
Retail and field marketing

We partner with and promote at the regional level:


Piazza dei Mestieri

Immaginazione e Lavoro



AccessiWay is the first vertical company focused on digital accessibility and aims to make the world a more inclusive, accessible and usable place for everyone with disabilities. In addition to outreach and consulting activities, Accessiway creates an extremely innovative, fully automated solution (powered by artificial intelligence) for web accessibility, enabling every company to meet and achieve compliance with WCAG 2.1, the European Accessibility Directives and the “Stanca Act”.

Synesthesia, thanks to the collaboration with Accessiway, are able to make every website accessible and, therefore, compliant with all regulations, allowing it to also reach people with disabilities. With this solution, in fact, any company can help transform the web into a more accessible and inclusive place.

Edoardo Arnello

Edoardo Arnello
(General Manager & Founder)

Paolo Errico

AdVision (4DEM)


4Dem is an Italian, professional email, sms and marketing automation platform. For over 10 years it has been supporting companies in their growth by offering the best direct marketing technology. Thanks to 4Dem it is possible to create email and sms marketing campaigns, send transactional messages and manage automatic welcome and e-commerce flows. In addition, 4Dem’s technology supports forms and pop-ups for lead generation, landing pages and much more.

Some numbers about 4Dem:

  • 99% sending reputation certified by national and international providers
  • over 20,000 companies active
  • over 350,000,000 messages sent each year
  • 50+ partners distributed throughout Italy
  • flexible plans for companies and resellers

For years Synesthesia and 4Dem have been working together and jointly offering the technology and consultancy needed to grow companies’ business.



Amapola is an agency specialized in strategy and sustainability projects. They design paths, content and tools for corporate and environmental communication, listening to territories, stakeholder engagement and public relations, to “bring sustainability to life” by engaging people, clients, partners, and communities and spreading corporate culture. Amapola has been a benefit corporation since 2021.

Synesthesia and Amapola share the same values and growth perspectives and offer companies solutions that integrate digital innovation, sustainability and communication to foster responsible development.

Luca Valpreda

Luca Valpreda
(Founder and Partner)

Massimo Calabrese

Massimo Calabrese

Digital Sales


Digital Sales was established with the aim of helping Italian companies with their digital development process. They offer technology solutions based on HubSpot CRM and cloud architecture to revolutionize the management of marketing, sales and service processes of medium and large companies. Digital Sales is part of the DIGITAL360 Group, a pioneer in two innovative business fields that are growing rapidly worldwide: ConsulTech – the technological revolution of consulting, MarTech – the digital transformation of marketing and sales.

Synesthesia, through its partnership with Digital Sales, broadens their range of offerings by implementing cutting-edge solutions for B2B companies in digital marketing transformation and growth.



ENSO Live is a sustainable and customizable digital platform dedicated to event organizers, rights holders and territorial entities produced by ENSO srl, a company created by AWE Sport and Synesthesia in June 2022. The application offers various features and solutions dedicated to live streaming and gamification, aimed at expanding the fan experience beyond the limits of space and time and building and retaining the fan base.

Synesthesia and AWE Sport have designed a platform that is a unique tool available to event organizers and territorial entities that wish to offer their users and fans a dynamic and engaging experience.

Ivan Stacchino

Ivan Stacchino

Matteo Camia

Matteo Camia
(Founder e CEO)

Fancy Factory


Fancy Factory is a comprehensive digital agency that provides global solutions to support companies in their digital transformation. From creative concept to digital marketing, from UX & UI to web development, they follow the motto: “It’s not about what you’re designing, but who you’re designing it for!”

In 2024, Synesthesia began a strategic collaboration with Fancy Factory to enhance its efforts in the world of digital design, user experience, and design thinking. This collaboration brings together more skills, more creativity, and a shared approach to the world of innovation.



Grigua was born from the idea of providing sales networks with support for organizing and making the best use of all available information in order to effectively reach their target audience. In addition, Grigua offers Sales Tools, a suite of software products that allows them to manage all the necessary point-of-sale monitoring activities, from planning to analysis to final verification of the entire process.

Synesthesia with Grigua has created an ad hoc division that deals with the entire retail world. We provide our clients with a dedicated team capable of addressing the needs of this particular area of marketing.

Giambattista Schiaffino

Giambattista Schiaffino
(Founder and CEO)

Gianni Pelizzari

Gianni Pelizzari
(Founder and CEO)

IS-LM / Learning solution


Since 2010, IS-LM S.r.l. has developed software related to training for Public Administration and has built management systems designed for the needs of Training Agencies and Higher Technical Institutes. Through the Learning Solution brand, IS-LM provides customers with systems; complete and integrated Digital Learning environments for companies, professional and tertiary training operators.

Synesthesia collaborates with IS-LM, sharing their values of professionalism and specialization, with the desire to offer their clients cutting-edge and highly qualified solutions in the digital sector. 

Mela Services


Mela Services is an agency formed by a team of marketing and advertising experts with vertical expertise in B2C and B2B marketplaces honed over the years. Mela offers its clients a wide range of advertising and digital marketing services including web design, SEO, PPC, programmatic advertising and brand awareness.
The e-Commerce solutions developed by Mela Services support companies throughout the entire online sales process: from strategy of expansion into international markets to cost and revenue planning and the creation and management of editorial content for storefronts on different sites.

Synesthesia, thanks to the partnership with Mela Services, offer their clients complete consulting services: from the optimization of online sales activities to presence on the most popular and most famous marketplaces.

Paolo Guolo
(CEO and Founder)

Serena toniolo

Serena Toniol
(President and project manager)



Quaerys is a “technology boutique,” formerly a spin-off of the University of Turin, offering innovative services and products in the field of Data Science, with a focus on strategic planning in communication and digital marketing. The distinctive elements of Quaerys’ offerings are the reliability of the scientific method and the richness of sociological theory, used to interpret data and guarantee clients evidence-based answers that can be used immediately in their decision-making process.

Synesthesia and Quaerys support companies and partners in the most important digital processes for the growth of companies and organizations: from the implementation of digital strategies to the care of a brand’s online reputation, from big data analysis to online and offline audience research, to the organization of industry-specific training courses.



RedAbissi has developed the RedHab social publishing platform specifically for the retail sector, which enables brands to provide their sales network with new and updated posts. With the RedHab platform, brands can create and schedule editorial content that will be published automatically on their stores’ social pages.

Synesthesia and RedAbissi have been working together for several years, focusing on technology in the world of social and digital marketing. Joint solutions devised and designed for the implementation and management of social media management strategies have helped numerous companies achieve important branding and market goals.

Lucio Gamba
(CEO and Founder)

Maurizio Bulgarini

Maurizio Bulgarini
(Founder, Managing Consultant and DPO)

Smart Flow


Smart Flow offers organizational, technical and legal expertise to accompany companies on their paths to compliance with national Privacy regulations and the European GDPR. A multidisciplinary team specialized in new technologies works with clients on the adaptation of websites and apps, balancing privacy and security, while not forgetting the needs of the business. The areas of involvement range from validating the business model for startups in the digital sphere, writing T&Cs, managing cookies and trackers for web portals and apps, recommendations for consent collection, to verification of physical and logical security measures for data, and more. This puts clients in a position to demonstrate accountability and give more transparency to their users to build more stable and lasting relationships with them.

Synesthesia, thanks to their partnership with Smart Flow, offers their clients comprehensive, professional and specific assistance in the area of protection and enhancement of users’ personal data and thus compliance with European standards. 




UNGUESS is a crowdsourcing platform created to optimize digital products (apps, websites, e-commerce, etc.) in terms of quality (“Bug Free” products), User Experience and Customer Experience. In a context of rapid and ever-changing digitization, it is increasingly difficult for companies to continue providing consistent and high-quality experiences to their customers and users.

For these reasons Synesthesia has chosen UNGUESS to provide companies with solutions to improve the quality and security of the choices made in the field of digital transformation.

Luca Manara

Luca Manara
(Co-founder and CEO)


Tommaso Seita
(Co-founder and CEO)

Alessandro Busso
(Co-founder and COO)



Wibo is a platform created to innovate the corporate training experience and make it more engaging and active for participants. Wibo integrates numerous gamification elements into its solutions such as micro-learning pills and quiz games with scores and rankings. It is, in addition, possible for companies to organize live digital meetings with their teacher, in the classroom or remotely in an easy and engaging way.

Synesthesia with Wibo aims to strengthen a line of business that represents a training and engagement need that companies will increasingly have to address through the development of didactic and gaming tools for interactive and integrated communication between the company, employees and in general between all those involved in the training process.

Fondazione ITS ICT Piemonte


Fondazione ITS ICT Piemonte was established with the intention of making courses in numerous fields available to younger people as they approach the workforce: web development, digital strategist, gaming, mobile app development and more. Classroom courses are delivered by experienced lecturers and labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment available to students.

Synesthesia believes in the importance of training younger people for an effective and successful entry into the workforce. This gave rise to the decision to collaborate with ITS ICT Piemonte in order to achieve together great goals of social and shared growth.

Giulio Genti

Giulio Genti
(Executive Director)

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