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Empowering People.

For the present and the future.

We invest in the value of people. We believe that this approach enables us to develop solutions for the continuous evolution of companies and the entire work ecosystem.

We implement training processes together with the aim of bringing out the personal and professional potential of your teams in all areas.

Empowerment allows individuals to grow, develop their skills and achieve rewarding results that contribute to the achievement of company objectives and overall organisational well-being.

Events are communication projects based on relationships and the present, but looking towards the future. Our many years of experience in this field allow us to manage complex and articulated international events as well as simpler projects, which are no less important for the organisation that asks us for a hand in the planning and execution phases.

  • We create traditional and digital events, using our know-how
  • We interact with innovation related communities around the world
  • We create training courses with our Academy
  • We bring the world of young people closer to technology and science, with Futurmakers and Girls Tech.

Our main events

A national conference for Android developers, created in response to the strong interest in digital evolution and new technological frontiers.

droidcon italy

The world of Android developers

Synesthesia has been running the Italian edition of droidcon since 2014 here in Turin, a city that is a laboratory; very focused on scientific and technological developments. Over time, the event has become international which is very popular with professionals from all over the world. Since 2020, the format has changed, becoming a hybrid event.

droidocon italy - evento Android developer

Swift Heroes

iOS Developer Event

In 2018, Synesthesia launched this event dedicated to the Apple ecosystem, with specific reference to Swift, the language that has become standard for creating native apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Swift Heroes was created to be an important point of reference and added value for companies that can use the event as a platform for branding, showcasing and promoting their products, and reaching possible high-level recruits.

Swift Heroes - evento per developer iOS

Flutter Heroes is the event dedicated to Flutter language, the open-source framework for mobile app created by Google.

Flutter Heroes

Event for Flutter developers

The developer community linked to the Flutter world is constantly and fast growing. For this reason, in 2022, Synesthesia, as first sponsor and with the collaboration of its event team, launched Flutter Heroes: an event dedicated to the famous open source language, with the aim of promoting learning and networking within the developer community, designers and project managers working in this area.

Flutter Heroes

React Native Heroes

RN Developer Event

The italian conference dedicated to the developers of the famous cross-platform framework React Native.

Synesthesia in 2023 launches React Native Heroes, the event dedicated to all enthusiasts and the community of developers working with the famous multi-platform React Native framework. A day completely dedicated to the world of React Native programming and development, with valuable networking and learning opportunities thanks to the presence of prestigious sponsors and international speakers who will share innovative solutions and success stories with the participants.

React Native Heroes

Artificial Intelligence has significantly changed the coding and development landscape.

AI Heroes

The Italian Artificial Intelligence Conference

AI Heroes provides a unique learning and networking opportunity for the community of developers, data engineers, designers and marketers that work with Artificial Intelligence. The first edition (2023) was attended by over 250 AI development experts and enthusiasts in Turin.

Extraordinary clients and partners

have enabled us to create projects of which we are very proud.

Discover what we have achieved. Find out more in our portfolio section (some cards are in the Italian language version).







Gender equality and inclusion in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) is a topic we hold dear. In 2018, we launched the Girls Tech event against the gender gap.

Girls Tech

Against the gender gap in STEM fields

Girls Tech fights the gender gap to promote the total inclusivity of women in the world of technology, science and engineering. To achieve this goal, we created an annual event and a technology training course for ‘women only’, dedicated to girls and young women aged 7 to 18: coding, robotics, web programming, video graphics, photo editing and digital creativity.

Girls Tech activities are conducted in support of the SYX Association.

GIRLSTECH evento e formazione contro il gender gap femminile

Synesthesia Events makes them all possible

Events production

In-person, hybrid and virtual

Synesthesia Events is the division of Synesthesia born from our experience in the world of events and our recognised technological expertise.

We provide support to our clients in the organisation of any form of event, be it traditional or digital, all-digital or hybrid. We offer complete solutions for digital conferences & meetings, live streaming, and audience interaction.

Our platforms are customisable depending on the client’s needs, with the possibility of integrating different technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Metaverse, IoT and 3D into a unique experience.

Synesthesia Events

Education and Social Innovation:

Our Academy was set up to create a new ‘place’ where training and specialised educational techniques are complemented by an extensive network of expertise and relationships, including international ones.

Synesthesia Academy

Hard & soft skill training

Our training services offer a rich catalogue of courses for professional tertiary training, educational agencies and schools, and companies based on the skills we have acquired over many years of experience. The courses introduce innovative teaching methods with the aim of increasing the competencies (hard & soft skills) of students and collaborators.

Synestesia Academy


STEM school for young heroes

Futurmakers is a technology school for children, with lessons in coding, robotics, 3D printing and much more.

A school dedicated to educating children and young people aged 8 to 18 years of age (in the STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), through innovative courses to bring them closer to the world of digital technology in an active and constructive way, not as passive users.
FuturMakers projects are both commercial and non-profit, and include sessions with corporate events and ‘kids in the office’ days.
In 2020, during the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown a Youtube channel was also successfully launched.

Futurmakers - scuola di tecnologia per bambini e ragazzi

Gamification, the application of game elements in non-game contexts, in support of education but also of new training and organisational processes in companies.

Gamification models

Education and new business format

We use gamification to increase motivation and thus the performance of work teams to more effectively  communicate individuals’ values, to improve staff training and to make recruitment processes more effective. Gamification is also a very useful learning tool.

In Italy, as well as in the rest of the world, it represents a growing trend, which brings together different skills and new educational paradigms. Synesthesia has a team dedicated to gaming and gamification applied to companies, marketing projects and training.


Corporate social responsibility and
Environmental, Social and Governance

Over the years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a relevant factor and a clear priority in the strategies of major global corporations.

During the Covid-19 emergency period, we continued to pursue our projects in training and developing technological solutions, increasing our efforts to transform profit and non-profit initiatives into digital solutions that are useful to all.

Our attention has been primarily focused on the lack of diffusion of digital technological tools for Distance Learning, the economic crisis of many companies and the increasing number of families at risk of poverty.

To address this situation, together with other associations and companies, we have set up some important non-profit initiatives.

In the near future, the focus will increasingly be on business choices oriented towards sustainability, summarised in the acronym ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance), as the only strategy capable of giving new momentum to businesses in order to emerge from the economic crisis.

The initiative TuttiConnessi, as well as SpesaSospesa are non-profit activities that work in this direction.

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