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The Digital Factory has always been Synesthesia’s beating heart, where ideas are put into the pipeline and take shape, becoming digital applications and technological solutions capable of adhering as closely as possible to the requirements of the project and the strategy behind it.

Over the years, we have learned that the high quality of a technological project is not a point of arrival, but a point of departure, and one of our main objectives is to create solid collaborations between our team and clients.
After all, development is not only about technology, but also about building relationships and trust.

We started out in 2011 as a ‘Mobile App Agency’, when very few people knew what a smartphone app was. We’ve grown as a result of consolidated and recognised experience across all operating systems and major technologies.

Mobile App

Mobile Services and Communication

We adopt a fully native approach that takes advantage of the latest proprietary technologies (iOS and Android) and delivers the best results in terms of performance. In our mobile projects, development is also cross-platform (Flutter and React Native) to come up with solutions that provide feature-rich performance, with a focus on the project as a whole (scalability, timing, budget and maintenance across different stores).

We have been involved in the international team coordinated by Huawei leading the development and growth of HarmonyOS since 2021.

E-commerce solutions

Online shops and marketplaces

The increasingly connected world has given rise to a profound change in how goods and services are distributed and sold to the end user. E-commerce requires well-defined projects and platforms that are carefully designed and optimised for the process they are dedicated to.

We oversee the creation of e-commerce projects in their entirety, from market analysis to the marketing project, from the platform to the maintenance of every single part, regardless of the type of goods to be sold online.
Creating an e-commerce site requires careful planning of numerous aspects: technology, budget, logistics and operations. The choice of technology, digital marketing and the timely analysis of the customer’s shopping experience are all elements that determine the success or failure of a project.
In our Digital Factory we have a team dedicated entirely to the design and development of e-commerce sites, using customised solutions tailored to the needs of the project.

We create multi-channel digital stores and B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions.

Starting from June 2023, we have created a new, independent unit specialized exclusively in e-commerce solutions, separate from the Digital Factory. We offer strategy, creation, and management for your e-commerce, utilizing a data-driven approach.

Check out the dedicated section.

Synesthesia ecommerce

Our in-depth knowledge of the web enables us to move with agility in both simple and complex domains.

Web Projects

Complete projects for the digital world

Our Digital Factory is able to support customers and partners in all forms of web projects: from the website to the service portal.
We like to work integrating innovative web systems and solutions and in multichannel and omnichannel areas, where we know we can really make a difference. Web projects are the basis for any digital transformation projects.

Extraordinary clients and partners

have enabled us to create projects of which we are very proud.

Discover what we have achieved. Find out more in our portfolio section (some cards are in the Italian language version).

Case Study - PlanetWatch


Mobile App Development

The National Museum of Cinema

Mobile App Development



Mobile App Development

Pian della Mussa

Pian della Mussa


Augmented Reality e Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

New generation tools and platforms

The digital world is not just about websites and apps. AR/VR are now mature technologies, as are 3D and gaming.

These are now well known environments and tools that are used in various fields and can be practical solutions for communicating an initiative, an event or promoting a product.
We work in these areas with a thorough understanding of the technologies, but also of the possible declinations and the different components necessary to create a complete project from all perspectives.

When technology emerges from science and becomes a new and useful solution for the market, it must be ‘transparent’ to the end user.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Solutions to improve interaction and quality of services & processes

Our team works on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning creating new application contexts, useful to increase performance, optimise processes, but above all to improve the end user’s quality of life, services and products.

Introducing AI into a business process also means a radical change in the delivered product or service. Our team can also help you in this ‘paradigm shift’ by implementing a cultural change for the benefit of the ‘workforce’ involved.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected environments and all their possible applications.

There are many technologies that enable dialogue between the environment and people, and automations that were once unthinkable are now in the office, home and places of entertainment. We are talking about the IoT (Internet of Things) and its possible applications.

IoT technologies are able to intelligently direct our requests towards the best possible solution.
In this context, applications and ‘behaviours’ can be developed that require technological expertise, but also a broader vision to really understand how connected technologies can improve quality of life, a process (commercial, industrial, professional) or a service (B2B or B2C). Our Digital Factory, with its experienced developers, is able to develop intelligent and easy-to-use software for TVs, thermostats, metres, refrigerators, video surveillance systems, connected cars and much more.

Additional areas in which we work:

  • Cloud and Edge Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Data Discovery & Data Visualisation
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Industry 4.0

Here are some platforms and companies that enable us to produce services and products that make a difference:

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