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Around 19 million wearable technology devices were sold in 2014.
Over 600,000 were sold in Italy alone and this number will only grow larger.

According to data from the Wearable Technology Observatory, the sectors in which Italy is strongest are:

  • Medical devices with 47% of Italian companies already involved in this business
  • Wellness and fitness (37%)
  • Gaming
  • Security
  • Domotics

As many as 6% of Italian companies have decided to invest in wearable technologies.
The main obstacle remains the ability to offer interesting services for a large enough constituency of users.
To reach a mainstream effect it is key to extend functionalities, giving priority to ease of use and impact on everyday life.

Wearable & Mobile Devices

Over the last few years, we have moved from desktop to laptop computers, moving on to smartphones and tablets, but the trend is for ever smaller devices which can be worn on the body (smart watches, Apple Watch, Android Wearable, Peeble, NikeFuel bracelets, Google Glasses, Epson Moverio, Sony glasses).

Many of these are readily available and already quite common. The challenge is to beat the competition in bringing to market new Apps with innovative content.
Synesthesia has all the expertise to design and deploy services for these devices.

Kinect and touchless devices

We make touchless interface installations and software with Kinect, the innovative interaction system which allows users to use their bodies to define gestures, movements and interaction.

Here are some examples of Kinect applications Synesthesia can make:


  • Interactive shop windows
  • Smart mirrors
  • Augmented reality
  • 3D visual interfaces
  • Page turners
  • Games and much more.