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Soluzioni per Start-up

Creating a new business

with our support

With your business idea and our experience in creating start-ups based on market opportunities, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

We can create new business opportunities together, combining ideas, resources and finding new ways of doing business, with a focus on social impact.

We are pioneers in the entrepreneurial field of innovation: we explore the market, focus on areas that can guarantee the best results, identify weak points on the path to innovation and look for good ideas to strengthen them.

Synesthesia is your ideal partner to take the next big step: we provide you with proven growth procedures, know-how and technology to launch your innovative start-up idea.

Our solutions for start-ups include:

  • Start-up Acceleration
  • Venture building
  • Tech talent scouting
  • Technology scouting
  • R&D as a service
  • Open innovation pattern and format
  • Rapid prototyping

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