Strategy and Marketing

We approach every project through the research process, combining science and empathy to achieve business goals.

Digital Transformation & Omni-channel

We live in an omni-channel world, users are constantly moving through different stimuli and media. And digital is now the main part of this experience. Digital is the method but empathy is the means.

Synesthesia is there to help you navigate through the different channels and create a communication strategy that works for your business.

UX & UI Design

When we look at the relationship between  “digital objects” (websites, applications, platforms, augmented reality objects, presentations…) and people we want to understand how to make this interaction memorable and meaningful.

All this and much more is contained in the concepts of User eXperience (UX) and User Interaction Design. Synesthesia creates and designs simple, beautiful, usable digital products.

Content Marketing

“Content is King” is a recurring motto online. It is necessary to have valid, valuable, interesting content to be heard in all the online noise.

We are good at writing this content. We make our customers attractive, providing value to their end users.


Being on the Internet with beautiful, usable and valuable content is not enough. We need to be findable. We are experts in positioning. In online search engines, in marketplaces, in local search. We allow you to be found by those who are looking for you. Wherever they are.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is your opportunity to light the spark between you and your clients and potential clients.

Once they have found you, you need to present them with the most outstanding version of your business, products and services: your cream of USPs.

Mobile App Marketing

We live in an age of “appification”. Apps are distributed for smartphones, smartwatches, TV, household appliances, and smart objects. The competition within app stores is very high, and getting noticed is a challenge.

Having been installed, only one app in four on a smartphone will be launched more than once. So three in four apps are forgotten or deleted even after download.

Integrating your app into the user’s habits is difficult, but we’re good at this. We have a dedicated set of services, brand and team who work on this alone,

Marketing Automation

Personalisation is central to effective communication. But in a global digital world, talking to each customer with a single communication is not always possible. Or is it. Thanks to automation and artificial intelligence we help companies to make their relationships with customers unique and personalised, maximising ROI and customer satisfaction.

Other services from Synesthesia


We innovate, design, plan, create and share. Shall we do that together?

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