Digital Creations

Synesthesia is a permanent research centre that builds solutions using the most relevant and high level digital tools.

Web & eCommerce

The Internet is constantly changing. This is why we create websites and web platforms using the best available technologies. We customise platforms such as WordPress and Magento, we work with libraries like React, we write code with frameworks like Angular JS, Laravel, Symfony and many others. Our focus is always on the product and its performances.

Mobile & App

We have been developing mobile applications and services since 2011. Our growth has come from our specialisation in these services. We have dedicated iOS and Android teams, led by experienced senior PMs.

We also have dedicated expertise with real experience in native languages such as Swift, Java and Kotlin so that we benefit from more cross development in Unity or React Native.

Connected & Home Devices, IoT

The “Internet of Things” has been a reality for us for a long time.

The new revolution is allowing the Internet to enter everywhere, giving new life to objects, processes and contexts. We are part of this revolution, and develop intelligent and easy-to-use b2c and b2b software. We create apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick TV, thermostats, counters, … but also business systems to better manage internal processes, platforms for Industry 4.0 and services to improve productivity.

Conversational Interfaces & Personal Assistants

Today we can combine the art of conversation with the science of digital intelligence, giving new form to relationships. We develop chatbots on various platforms, applying conversational design patterns and natural language processing logics. For this reason, even interacting vocally with Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod for us means thinking about unique digital experiences that are also absolutely natural.


The best digital solutions are those still waiting to be found. We invest a lot of time in research and development, and we believe that there are wonderful opportunities hidden in yet to be written algorithms. This is why we are enthusiastic about the most innovative projects: creating new experiences in mixed reality, applying artificial intelligence to new contexts, identifying new ways to use blockchain. We do not like to read the future. We like to write it as a code.

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We innovate, design, plan, create and share. Shall we do that together?

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