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Smart TV

Smart TV

Thanks to Smart TV and connected devices such as ChromeCast, it is now possible to interact with TV screens. The TV set has always been a focal point for family and friends, but the new technologies have made it an access point to the internet and a huge variety of content and applications specifically developed for TV.

Social TV and Second Screen

Television has become social, integrating with the web and social networks. There is now also the second screen, the smartphone or tablet, which – used in connection to the (traditional or smart) TV set creates new levels of interaction, to and from the content provider, but also cross-media with other viewers and the web.

Synesthesia designs and develops:


  • Smart TV apps (Google TV, Chromecast, Samsung, Philips, LG and others)
  • Social Apps for Smart TV
  • Second screen applications for interaction with traditional and Smart TV
  • Mobile App porting and content to/from Smart TV
  • Innovative applications for next generation devices