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Mobile and App

We have outstanding expertise in all of the principal platforms: native and cross-platform 

We create high quality native and cross-platform apps for smartphones and tablets. We develop bespoke solutions based on the specific needs of your business and integrate seamlessly with existing content and infrastructure.

We make successful, functional applications, paying particular attention to graphics and usability, because we have an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and peculiarities of each platform.



  • iPhone, iPod touch and iPad applications
  • Porting to and from Android, Windows Phone and other platforms
  • Cross-platform and multi-platform applications (Android iOS and others)
  • Mobile/Web HTML5 hybrid mobile applications
  • Publication on iTunes App Store or Enterprise Distribution


  • Android applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Porting to and from iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms
  • Cross-platform and Multi-platform applications (Android iOS and others)
  • Mobile/Web HTML5 hybrid mobile applications
  • Full support of all main vendors: Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Acer and others
  • App development for other devices (Google TV, smart watches, and Google Glass)
  • Publication in alternative stores (Amazon App Store, Samsung Apps, Opera)

  • Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Windows RT apps
  • Porting and conversion from other mobile platforms (iPhone, Android)
  • Porting from Windows Mobile 6.x applications
  • Cross-platform and multi-platform applications (Windows Phone, Android, iOS and others)
  • Mobile/web HTML5 hybrid applications

  • Blackberry smartphone and Playbook applications
  • Porting to/from iOS, Windows Phone or other platforms
  • Cross-platform and multi-platform applications (Android, iOS and others)
  • Mobile/web HTML5 hybrid applications
  • C++/QT, AIR, WebWorks coded applications

  • Made with classic web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Optimised for use on mobile devices
  • Easier to update compared to native applications
  • High multi-platform compatibility (Apple, Android, etc.) with no need to re-code the app
  • HTML5 technology associated to dedicated javascript libraries (e.g. jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch)
  • Hybrid applications (part native, part web) and QRCode publication available

We support all phases of mobile application creation, from design to publication in store (Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Marketplace, Blackberry App World and others).

Mobile web sites

We develop mobile web sites and we adapt existing sites for use on smartphones and tablets, to offer the best User Experience on each device. We use Responsive web design to make dynamic websites which automatically adapt to each device without having to make dedicated versions of each one.

Our assistance is guarnateed, with long term support, and dedicated promotion and mobile web marketing. A careful mix of technology, design and innovation, plus a great passion for the work we do.

Some applications


News and Rankings

Sports news, rankings, financial data, surveys, news, videos and other data, directly managed or aggregated from external sources such as RSS feeds, databases, applicational APIs.


Audio and Video Streaming

Live streaming and on demand mobile multimedia content (mobile and web TV, free, premium or freemium services).


Gaming and Social Media

Thanks to gamification techniques, advergames and serious games, mobile gaming in the web and on social media is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool.


Mobile Payments

From store locators to complete eCommerce solutions with mobile payment gateways based on International and Italian protocols (PayPal, SatisPay, etc).


Tourism and Events

Geo-localised information, guides, services and assistance (before, during and after travel or events). 360° displays, online and offline maps, augmented reality.


Trend & Lifestyle

Entertainment, utilities, digital services, personal communications, games, food, sports, leisure, healthcare and much more.


Smart cities and eGovernment

Connecting citizens with their institutions and public services to make life easier. Digital participation, open data, information collection and value-added supplies for services and utilities.



Mobile solutions that enrich the user experience of print media through QR-Codes and augmented reality.



Environment management for apartments, offices, factories. Remotely controlled and automated security, health and safety management and leisure time.


Sales force and Automation

Sales Force and Field Force Automation, document management, knowledge management, accounting, stock management, geo-location of staff.

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