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Publishing has changed. Enter the world of eBooks and ePublishing.

Digital Publishing

The great opportunity of digital publishing lies in interactivity, in multi-media and in the expansion towards the social networks. Synthesia helps you create and adapt editorial content for digital platforms such as Apple iBookStore, Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

eBook and eMagazine browsers

We offer complete solutions to create Apps with digital editorial content. The apps will be made available in the App Store (Newsstand) and in Google Play. It will be possible to distribute contents directly through the Apps, both free and for a charge, using in-app purchase channels or dedicated eCommerce infrastructures.

Interactive books and commercial publications

It’s possible to convert existing content (PDF, InDesign or other format publications) into “as-is” or modified interactive publications. It’s also possible to create entirely original content, specifically studied for digital distribution, with audio, video, quiz, questionnaire, animation and gaming interactions. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, or specifically developed, solutions will be available, covering the most disparate needs.

To find out the best solution through which to digitalise your publications

Here is a source of inspiration on which possibilities are available to all ("Our choice" eBook by Al Gore).